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Coconut Cream Perfume Oil | Roll On Perfume

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This coconut cream perfume will surprise you. It’s creamy, sweet and delicious yet crisp and very inviting! The perfume oil is concentrated and it has a tasty aroma. A delicate blend of burnt sugar, cinnamon and peach swirled in the heart of coconut, vanilla and powder. It stands alone well and has the perfect coconut scent.

STYLE: Fresh, Creamy, Yummy, Strong, Tropical & Devine Aroma, Crisp, Long Lasting and Delicious

It’s a yummy scent and you will enjoy every whiff of this sweet and creamy roll on perfume. The perfume is Phthalate and Alcohol Free. It’s created in a base of pure sweet almond oil. Sweet Almond Oil is an emollient and it has vitamins E, A and D. It’s moisturizing with high lubricating properties making it perfect for daily use. The oil is also anti-inflammatory, lightens dark marks, reduces wrinkles and helps to reverse the damages from sun exposure.

Apply roller to wrist and pressure points, let it settle to absorb on its own. Rubbing will make the oil absorb too quickly and can change the aromatic chemistry of the fragrance due to the body’s own sebum (natural oils in the skin). It absorbs quickly.

***This product is for external use only

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Size .35 fl. oz (10.5 ml) clear thick frosted glass bottle with a roller and a silver top

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