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Perfect Man Whipped Body Butter|Natural Products For Men

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Gentlemen enjoy this rich perfect man’s body butter! It’s non-greasy and absorbs well, yet very hydrating. Hand crafted with the best all-natural ingredients to moisturize and soften normal to very dry cracked skin, especially in the cold and winter months. This will give you the one two punch that you need by leaving your skin feeling smooth and toned. Use it as often as needed, no extra greasy feel that will keep you rubbing forever.

□ The Whole Body, hands, arms, elbows & feet…a super moisturizer

□ Men’s Grooming: Beard Balm and Aftershave Cream….contains KuKui Nut Oil, Hemp Seed Butter, Pumpkin Seed Oil, Natural Vitamin E…a natural combination for protecting, hydrating, soothing, smoothing and enriching dry hair and fresh sensitive skin

□ Hair: it’s excellent to moisturize, soften, and keep it silky and healthy

100% all-natural Blend of Ingredients, Butters and Oils, Handmade and Concentrated so a little go a long way

Unrefined Shea Butter, Hemp Seed Butter, Virgin Cold Pressed Pumpkin Seed Oil, Cold Pressed Castor Oil, Cold Pressed Kukui Nut Oil, Candelilla Wax, Arrowroot Powder, Natural Vitamin-E, Fragrance

Hempseed Butter--absorbs completely into the skin, excellent for dry, sensitive, irritated & damaged skin

KuKui Nut Oil—Great for sensitive, irritated skin, cuts, windburns, acne, chapped skin, dry hair & sunburn. Easily penetrates the skin leaving it silky smooth with vitamins A, C & E.

Pumpkin Seed Oil—Rich in Vitamin E, zinc, omega 3 & 6. It’s healing to the skin, rid of breakouts, protects hair and increase shine

Natural Vitamin E—an antioxidant, nutrient for skin and body, softens hair

Use after a nice shower over: face, neck, arms, legs and feet or all over the body. For moisture retention apply it to damp skin.

Vegan, Paraben Free, Dye/Colorant Free, Preservative Free, Phthalate Free Fragrance, Formaldehyde Free, Mineral Oil Free, Water Free and Free of Synthetic Fillers

It comes in a 4 oz. amber jar

***This product is for external use only.

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